About Jeremey DuVall

Howdy folks!

I’m a customer support leader turned product manager. I’m currently building on the product team at Paytient. Previously, I joined the founding team at Ness and led teams at Zapier and WordPress.com.

I drifted into “tech” largely by accident. My formal education is in Exercise Science, and I actually started out as a personal trainer. I found my way to WordPress.com through freelance writing. I’d love to dedicate the rest of my career to my own personal moonshot—making “healthy” more accessible and affordable for everyone. It’s my way of combining my decade in consumer SaaS with my passion for health.

I’ve also spent some time building quirky things outside of work. In 2015, I co-founded a local nonprofit because I had some ideas about transparency in fundraising. I then co-owned a CrossFit gym from 2018-2021. Right now, I’m focused on my main gig and my family.

I live outside of Denver, Colorado with my wife and three young boys. I’m a book nerd, carrot cake aficionado, and outdoor enthusiast. I’d love to meet you!


About This Blog

I’ve been writing on this site since 2010. The blogging habit tapered off in 2016, but I picked it back up in 2023. I deleted all of my old posts and decided to start fresh.

Now, it’s my way of learning in public and workshopping ideas. Topics generally center around product management (specifically in healthcare) and adjacent ideas within business. I’ll occasionally sprinkle in personal posts because I’m a human after all!

I get a lot of inspiration from other writers including Tom Critchlow, Will Larson, Ben McCormack, and Cedric Chin.