Writing is For Everyone

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Writing forces you to think about the subject more critically. Because writing is so personal, the connections you forge with the topic are deeper. It can help you cement a position on a topic (even when you think you didn’t have one). That can lead to ‘ah-ha’ moments,and those moments are the ones we are constantly in search of.

This was an awesome piece on the Ooomf blog discussing the major benefits of writing and why anyone and everyone should write in some fashion. When I talk about writing or blogging to many of my close friends, they definitely don’t “get it”. Why on earth would someone spend so much of their time in front of a computer composing words that few individuals are ever going to read? The answer is that writing is more for me than it is for anyone else. I find the process of writing to be very relaxing and helpful when I’m trying to work out the solution to a problem or solidify my thoughts on a particular topic.

As the article mentions, I think everyone should write in some fashion or another even if it’s just to journal in your Day One app.

You can read the full post here.

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