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Jeff Goins wrote a tremendous blog post detailing one of the biggest struggles for writers and bloggers:

Most writers struggle with the same thing. It’s one little thought that threatens to destroy their message before it ever leaves their fingertips:

What I say doesn’t matter.

I’ve struggled with this many times over the past few years, wondering why I even take the time to post content here on my blog when maybe only a handful of people will ever read the words. Then, I remind myself of two things:

Writing is for you.

It’s not all about the audience. Regardless of whether you’re trying to build a large following or just keep your family up-to-date with photos of your kid’s latest antics, writing and blogging can be intended for you, the writer. I’m a firm believer that everyone should write. There’s a lot to learn from sharing your experiences with others. You can reminisce about the past, bringing old memories to life or reflect on past decisions, weighing the pro’s and the con’s. Whatever you’re sharing, the process of writing or typing out your thoughts makes you think about them more. Everyone can benefit from that.

Shooting for one.

When I sit down to share something or write a blog post, I never hope to inspire millions by clicking publish. Instead, I shoot to influence one person. If one person reads something from me and is inspired to take action, I have achieved success. The thought is that one person could inspire another person, who inspires another, and so on. All of the sudden, a few words have inspired a handful of individuals to do something they otherwise may not have done.

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