Product Management

As a product manager, I help companies delight customers and grow their business. My superpower is taking in all the data available — quantitative, qualitative, cross-functional input — and prioritizing the right thing at the right time.

Here’s a snapshot of my favorite projects, keeping in mind that “Product” is a team sport, and I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing Engineers, Designers, and teammates.


I joined the Founding Team at a seed-stage startup and led a 5-person Engineering and Design team, owning the product roadmaps for growth and engagement.

💰 Pay with points

Created a new way for Ness card members to redeem their points. Previously, they were restricted to a set of 75+ merchants. Now, they could “pay off” any healthy purchase.

👀 Explore redesign

Introduced a new filtering behavior allowing Ness cardmembers to navigate our 75+ item reward catalog more easily, resulting in a 2x increase in DAU.

🩺 HSA pay

Built the first-ever HSA integration with a credit card, allowing customers to reimburse HSA-eligible expenses directly within the app.

💻 Web-based application

Rebuilt the entire credit card application and tweaked the UI to increase conversion by 40%.

I led customer-facing and cross-functional teams responsible for the SaaS product. This was my first “product manager” experience, which hooked me.

📈 onboarding

Leading a cross-functional team across Marketing, Engineering, and Support, I led an initiative to cut churn for Business customers by 50% and launch live onboarding, now a standalone, revenue-generating product.

🎨 Theming headstart

I spearheaded an effort to improve the theming experience. We interviewed 20 customers in-person in Austin, Texas, and worked with our product team to launch Headstart, a functionality that made theme activation infinitely easier.

Kind words

“Jeremey is super crispy and organized, extremely thoughtful and forward-thinking, and learns new things lightning quick. He’s also just the best person and team member and I feel very blessed to have now worked with him twice.”

Derek Flanzraich (Founder, CEO)

“Jeremey is a rare mix of energy, quality, passion, speed, and depth – an inspiring colleague and a real joy to work with.”

Jessica Carta (Head of Product)

“Jeremey is a true operator, an empathetic people leader, and highly technical. He has an insatiable drive to figure things out, and is incredibly reliable. I would literally work with Jeremey again in a heartbeat.”

Katherine Lynch (Co-Founder, COO)

“As my manager, Jeremey demonstrated incredibly high EQ, provided constant constructive feedback that helped me to build my skills even more, was a constant cheerleader, and perpetual coach, developer, and source of support.”

Louisa Adams (CX Manager)

“Jeremey had a unique ability to dive into any problem and figure out a path forward. His strong communication skills, dedication, and ability to drive cross-functional collaboration made a huge impact on our team’s productivity and overall success.”

Kenneth So (Co-Founder, Chief Experience Officer)

Jeremey is both inclusive and discerning, always open to hear another point of view, while at the same time knowing how to effectively communicate what is best for both the customer and the business.

He is a absolute joy to work with and by far one of the best Product Managers. He will elevate and inspire any team he joins. I cannot recommend him enough!

Olivia Fu (Designer)