What if no one shows up?

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That’s always the fear when creating something right?

Variations can apply to any pursuit: Why start a blog if it might get 0 visitors? Why launch this product if no one cares enough to look? Why host this event if no one shows?

For our first Drink for Pink event, I stressed the entire time that no one was going to show. When we planned a Canvas & Cocktails event this past year, we had sold 0 tickets as of a week out. When I published this learning experiment, I worried that no one would join me (I even included a caveat at the end).

That’s always the fear, but it shouldn’t stop you from moving forward.

People will show up if you build something awesome. Excitement and energy are contagious. They draw people in.

Your initial goal is to get one person to show up, not a crowd. Someone has to be first. Make the experience amazing for that one person.

Worst case scenario: Even if no one shows up, you learned something. You delivered. You’re ready to either double down or move on.

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