Use Your Quantified Self Data

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With more fitness watches, technical gear and health apps on the market than ever before, users have every opportunity to gain deeper insights into their daily habits, a revolution known as the “quantified self.” But while these tracking devices might be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the amount of data they provide can seem limitless. In fact, between steps taken, calories burned, hours slept, and many more metrics, sifting through the numbers can be more overwhelming than navigating the gym in January.

So which metrics are most valuable when it comes to changing habits and getting closer to your health and fitness goals? To help you make the most of your data, we’ve broken down the four main metrics measured by most fitness trackers, what they actually mean, and how to start putting them to better use.

I’ve previously blogged about quantified self and why I’m not hopping on the train just yet. One of my main arguments against the fitness tracking movement is that I don’t believe users actually put the data into practice. I was really excited to share some thoughts on DailyBurn on how to put all of this data to use.

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