The Rock in My Shoe

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The other day, I was walking into work when I noticed that I had a small rock that had somehow found it’s way into my shoe. Now, this small little event is trivial in the grand scheme of things. It didn’t hurt to walk. It was just a little bit annoying. With every step, I felt the pebble move around on the bottom of my foot pressing up into my heel one moment then on my big toe the next.

Call it laziness or just call it being busy – I didn’t take that rock out of my shoe for three days. That’s two nights of taking off my shoes and sliding them in my closet without taking a few moments to search my insoles for that pesky little bugger.

It wasn’t too annoying. When it was bothersome,I would just dig my toe into the ground to push the annoyance up towards my toes where it didn’t bother me at all.

I went through workouts. I trained clients. I walked. I ran. All with that little rock floating around in my shoe.

What Are You Ignoring?

Although the rock was tiny and didn’t cause any inconvenience at all to my day, it was still annoying. I’d have to move my foot around to shift the pebble to a comfortable spot rather than just taking the time to slide off my shoe and correct the problem.

It’s a silly example, but it rings true for so many other aspects. We neglect small, somewhat trivial aspects of our daily tasks because we’re focusing on the big picture. In reality, those little things can matter quite a bit. I can tell you that it was a simple relief to not have to fidget my shoe around during the day.

I’ll give you another extremely simple, yet powerful example. Thank you cards could be the easiest thing to send out. All it takes is a few moments to jot down your thoughts, scribble the address on the front, and drop it in a mail box. On the receiving end, those few actions can mean the world to someone. The other day, I receive a handwritten thank you note in the mail. It probably took no more than a few minutes to write and send off, but those few minutes spoke volumes.

Do The Simple Stuff

โ€œAs simple as possible, and no simplerโ€ โ€“ Albert Einstein

Far too often, we focus on the big ticket items that will have a monumental impact. Inherently, that makes sense. With limited time, it seems natural to focus on the to-do list items that will have the biggest payout. But, those items also take the most time.

Take the time to do the mundane tasks, as simple as they may seem. Make it a point to cross the quick and easy things off your list rather than always keeping your eye on the big picture because no matter how simple they may seem to you, they may have a profound impact on someone else.

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