The Beginner’s Guide to Using Protein Powder

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Walk into any gym nowadays, and you’re just as likely to hear the rattling of a shaker bottle as the clanking of weights. Powders, bars and other supplements have become so ingrained in our culture that it’s hard to imagine not following up a great workout with a shake of some sort (and sometimes even mid-workout). Protein powder is, in many ways, leading the supplement charge. Created by various sources — from whey to soy to pea — and popping up everywhere you look — from GNC’s to neighborhood grocery stores — the popular supplement has cemented its place in our minds and in our diets.

With the help of Brian St. Pierre from Precision Nutrition, I helped to create this beginner’s guide for DailyBurn. You can check out the full article here.

My favorite piece of advice from the article is the bit about super shakes, a recipe that I learned about from the Scrawny to Brawny program. Here’s the recipe reposted:

2 scoops of protein powder
1-2 cups of vegetables (like spinach, which doesn’t affect the taste)
2 handfuls of fruit (fresh or frozen)
2 tablespoons of healthy fat (a nut butter or seed for example)
Mixer (almond milk, regular milk, water — your choice)

1 scoop of protein powder
1 cup of vegetables
1 handful of fruit
1 tablespoon of healthy fat
Mixer (almond milk, regular milk, water — your choice)

I’ve been making these for the past 9-10 months religiously. They’re an easy meal replacement if you’re in a rush!

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