Olivia Fu, Designer

Jeremey is an amazing Product Manager, thought partner, and the definition of adaptable. I worked with him on the Rewards Marketplace team at Ness. He truly cares that every feature he works on is built effectively and is based on real data from the customers. He has a deep understanding of the customer and a sharp eye for finding business opportunities in the customer journey.

He is able to take on large features and break them down into manageable pieces, while at the same time, getting feedback from stakeholders and seamlessly incorporating it into the final build. He is both inclusive and discerning, always open to hear another point of view, while at the same time knowing how to effectively communicate what is best for both the customer and the business.

He is a absolute joy to work with and by far one of the best Product Managers. He will elevate and inspire any team he joins. I cannot recommend him enough!