Solve the problems you have…

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…not the ones you imagine.

I stumbled across that quote in Radical Focus. This could also end with “not the ones that you may face in the future.”

Let’s say you start a new Saas business. You start to notice a disturbing trendβ€”half of your customers (a small number) are cancelling and refunding after signup. That’s a real problem. If not addressed, it could put you out of business.

Maybe you decide to call up every new customer a few days after signup to make sure they’re happy with their purchase. “Great idea,” you think, “but that’s not sustainable as the business grows.”

Losing half your customers is a real problem. How you’re going to scale the customer outreach is an imagined problem (at least for right now).

Future consequences should always be considered, but imaginary future issues shouldn’t prevent action.

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