Recovering Fitness Junkie

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I used to work out 5x per week, balance my ratios of protein, carbs, and fats, and considered myself a connoisseur of nutritional supplements.

Now I exercise a couple times per week and care more about sharing good food with the people I love. I also try to get a good night’s sleep, drink water, meditate, and leave my phone at home most days.

This is an absolute gem from Nate Green. I’ve been reading Nate’s work for quite awhile, and I’m always impressed at how he presents a different viewpoint and many times favors left when everyone else is going right. As I spent a large amount of time in the past few years contributing to a variety of fitness magazines and focusing on the fitness industry, I relate with many of the things he discusses in this article. I’m also working with the coaching group (Scrawny to Brawny) that Nate manages and helps to lead.

As the article opens with, maybe we should all be recovering fitness junkies.

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