Reading for Your Weekend

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Here’s a little snapshot from my Pocket collection that I’ve been digging into.

First, Shane Parrish continues to deliver high quality content on Farnam Street. This article had some important takeaways about adopting new habitsโ€”At Some Point, You Have to Eat the Broccoli.

The Wall Street Journal argues we should read more. I certainly agree.

Seth Godin had two blog posts that struck a chord. First, heย lays out three thoughts on decision making. Learning about Wheeler’s Which was entirely worth the read. Second, education is the answerย (join my related experiment).

I loved this simple post from Austin Kleon. I’ve started “It wasn’t for me”ย it when discussing books in particular, but it applies to anything.

Leadership is a skill. It’s one you need to work at. Here are 9 places you can learn about leadership for free. I’ll also add in the MicroMasters programs here. You can complete many (maybe all) for free if you don’t care about the verified certificate.

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