Thoughts on Success and Leaving Your Mark on the Cosmos

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Success is a crazy concept. One word can mean something different to each and every person. Some view success in terms of money, cars, clothes, and material items. Others view success as building relationships, networking, and expanding their social influence. Yet another crowd may view success as what you leave behind when you’re gone – what kind of change are you building in the world.

There’s obviously not one correct answer. Success is yours to define, and it’s something that will constantly evolve.

My view of success has changed significantly over time. I remember watching The Apprentice as a kid idolizing the savvy business individuals in suits making high-power decisions concerning huge dollar figures. I remember wanting to walk to work everyday in New York City carrying a briefcase over my shoulder loaded with important documents. Part of me still wants to live that lifestyle for a little while, but the other part of me knows that I likely wouldn’t like it.

Whatever success means to you, here are three ways you can work your way to the top.

Help someone else be awesome.

A few days ago, I found and tweeted out this quote:

We each have a special skill set. Use that expertise to help someone else reach their own goals in life, and you’ll be on your way to the top.

Lately, I’ve been using my position with ConFITdent as a way to reach out to young writers that I think are doing great things in the fitness industry. I’m eager to help them improve, and they are eager to provide some kickass content to ConFITdent. It’s a win-win for everyone. In the end, if I can help to spread their name and get them to the top, I’ve helped to improve the fitness industry.

This has spread into my writing as well. If you have read a few of my latest articles, you’ll always notice that I mention other names in the fitness industry to bolster my arguments with their thoughts and insight. This isn’t by accident. It’s both to enhance the reader experience by providing a different opinion, but also to put the names out there of people that I feel are doing amazing work and deserve to be recognized. It’s helped me to develop some great relationships, but more than that, I hope it’s turned some readers on to some great fitness resources.

Connect other people.

There’s a popular saying that goes something like “your network is your net worth” and I believe that it couldn’t be more true. Your ability to introduce and connect others gives you far more power than money or material objects. In fact, I think knowing key individuals and having a well-connected posse is one of the most important aspects to success.

Surround yourself with successful individuals, but more importantly, use your network to connect others.

Know two people that may get along well and benefit from knowing one another? Introduce them. Building relationships is one of the strongest ways to fortify your own network.

Ask others what you can do for them.

One of the first questions I ask someone when I first meet them is pertaining to how I can help them reach their goals or aspirations. It’s not simply because I want to come off as some selfless and pious saint that’s eager to give everyone else a boost in life while I sell off my TV and live sitting on a cardboard box in a studio apartment. But, it’s an important aspect of friendship and business networking.

If I’m meeting you, I’d like to know where you’re headed. That way, if an opportunity comes up, I can direct it your way.

The only way you can help others is if you know where they are headed in their career and life. Otherwise, opportunities may be wasted.

What’s your view of success and how do you plan to get there? I’d be remise if I didn’t also ask if there was any way I could help you. Is there?

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