Know Thy Time

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Although the title of this post is influenced by Drucker (again), I actually want to share two articles I’ve come across recently on time management and “time reflection” (if that’s a phrase).

The first is by Julie Zhou on Medium—What do I do at work all day? I always enjoy reading about how other individuals manage their time and get things done.

If you asked me What does a normal day look like for you? I’ll probably rattle off some vague answer about spending half my time on product and half of my time on operations (recruiting, 1:1s, etc.)

I have no idea if this is actually true, so I decided to do an audit of my calendar.

The second is from Chris Bowler about a process for consistent weekly reviews.

A good weekly review should less about what your overall list of responsibilities and more of a review of what you’ve just accomplished in the week past and how you’re going to get closer to your most important goals in the week to come.

I’m going to incorporate a good bit from Chris’ post in my own weekly reviews this week.

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