Two-Brain Business 2.0

Every gym owner should read this book. Period. It was without a doubt the most helpful book I’ve read about growing CrossFit Undeniable. Chris breaks down the specifics around how to pay your staff, why you should build multiple streams of income, how to onboard new clients, and more.

I had a bunch of highlights but here are some specifics:

To review: Fragile = one stream of income. A single crop. A one-legged chair. Susceptible to market forces, client trends and intangibles like “loyalty.” Robust = multiple streams of income.

Have a low barrier to entry. Affiliates have reached into the living rooms of millions. Some are inspired, but some are scared. Offer a ‘step-down’ class for people to try. This is different than an “Onramp” program; think of it as a “Lite” version of your classes. Come up with a better name and make it unique.

A new member who sees your Unlimited and 3x/week package doesn’t know you’re a better coach than the next guy. All they know is that you charge more (and maybe have a better haircut?) Take yourself away from commodity pricing. Be different.

a good entrepreneur isn’t measured by their time investment; a good entrepreneur can replace themselves in their business.

Coaches will perform to a level commensurate with their opportunity. If they’re underpaid, or volunteers, and don’t see any opportunity to grow, they’ll see no REASON to grow as coaches.

Owners of small businesses frequently don’t allow themselves the freedom to fail. They confuse short-term failure with long-term failure; fear is an amplifier. They’re terrified to make small changes.

Good debt can be leveraged far beyond its face value. Good debt creates an asset; bad debt creates only liability.

Strategies on solving problems and wowing customers every Sunday 👉
Strategies for solving problems and wowing customers 👇