Show Your Work

Similar to Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work is meant to inspire creative professionals to action, encouraging them to worry less about perfection and connect with their intended audience through showcasing the rough drafts of their work. I know personally I’ve suffered from the fear of clicking “Publish” several times in the past. Putting your work out there for everyone to see is difficult. Austin breaks down “a new way of operating” and 10 steps or pieces of advice to encourage both new and seasoned artists to get over the “Publish” hump and get their work out there. Just like Steal Like an Artist, I came away from reading this book with a renewed energy to publish more content both in the form of blog posts and ebooks than ever before. If you’re struggling to find the energy or courage to pursue your creative passion or get your work into the hands of other individuals, this is a fantastic book for you.

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