Getting Past No

Getting Past No is focused entirely on negotiating in difficult situations. The book covers everything from preparing to swaying opponents to “turning adversaries into partners.” I didn’t have any immediate takeaways from the book (I didn’t find myself scribbling notes in the margins), but I did find it useful overall. It was a very quick read so if you have a day, give it a go.

Of all the points in the book, the Breakthrough Strategy seemed most useful, and it’s something I’m sure I’ll use in the future. Here were the basic steps:

1. Go to the balcony (Don’t react)

2. Don’t argue (Step to their side)

3. Don’t reject (Reframe)

4. Don’t push (Build them a Golden Bridge to agree)

5. Don’t escalate (Use power to educate)

Strategies on solving problems and wowing customers every Sunday 👉
Strategies for solving problems and wowing customers 👇