Are We Too Connected? Confessions From an Apple Addict

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Hello. My name is Jeremey, and I’m an addict.

No, I don’t hang out on street corners in the middle of the night with a hoodie over my head ransacking cars and terrorizing strangers on the sidewalk looking for my latest fix. I don’t shudder, scratch, or shake when I’ve been without my vice for a few minutes.

But I am addicted to Apple like many Americans out there.

I’m fortunate (or cursed) to have the full line-up. As I write this, my iPhone is sitting right next time me. My iPad lays to my right with an iPod on top, and I’m typing this up on a MacBook. (I know. I’m missing an Apple TV. Don’t remind me.)

Hanging out in a crowded room with people will make you wonder if there really is any other phone out there than an iPhone. Everyone seems to be tweeting, texting, and instagramming from an Apple product of some sort. They’ve got us good.

Heck even my computer recognizes my addiction. When I go to my homepage on Safari, Apple is listed as one of my top viewed pages – no accident I”m sure. My collection of Apple products doesn’t stop me from wanting more. I tweeted out this a few days ago:

To be fair, I don’t need another laptop. Mine actually works quite well even though I’ve had it for over five years.

This forced me to stop and think – what exactly is so alluring about Apple products? Before I had tested out a MacBook, I would have sworn that I preferred a PC. I never really thought I needed an iPad. Now, a trip to the Apple store seems better than a trip to Disney World. Although they are both packed full of people, the Apple store individuals seem to be less sweaty, and there are fewer crying babies to avoid.

If you asked a marketing guru or a psychologist why we’re addicted to the retina displays and easy navigation, they’d probably mention something about the advertisement, design, and product placement.

In my case, I think it’s the connectivity piece. Once you get one Apple product, they know you’re going to be hooked. It’s hard to have a MacBook and a Droid phone. They purposefully make it hell to sync your music without using iTunes. The next step is to get an iPad because you don’t want to lug your computer around the entire time, but you’d still like the comfort of having all of your apps, music, and documents synced to your precious cloud.

It’s a smart tactic they have going on, but are we too connected?

I’ll be the first one to admit (and my girlfriend will be the first one to confirm) that I’m often found with my nose buried in my phone or on my computer. I’ve walked into walls, chairs, and tables while perusing my Twitter feed rather than paying attention to where my feet were taking me. My friends and most of my family know that it’s often easier to reach me via text or Twitter than phone call.

I’m plugged in throughout the day. When I’m working with clients, I make it a point to leave my phone somewhere out of reach lest I feel the urge to check it during their water breaks.

It’s hard to say the last day I went without checking a digital screen of some sort for e-mails, Facebook updates, or friendly @ mentions.

My love for Apple products ensures that all of these updates are just a few steps away at all times.

This isn’t all bad. Advances in technology have made it extremely easy to keep in touch with our loved ones, but is it time we unplug? Can you go a day without checking your phone or your computer? I’m not sure it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept.

Are you an Apple addict? Have you been sucked into your digital screens? Have you tried to go a day without your phone or computer? Do you hate theme parks? Discuss below.

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