A Farewell Letter to My Clients

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For a few years now, I wasn’t sure this day would ever really come – a day when I stop personal training for a full-time career. Even when it did, I truly believed I would switch to something else in the field, still being involved heavily in fitness. Obviously, things aren’t turning out quite the way I had envisioned them.

For the past seven years of my life, one thing has mattered more than most – helping other individuals. This mostly came through fitness. My days involved sets, reps, and workouts. I spent more time in the gym than I did anywhere else (including my apartment) during this stretch of time. I had some unbelievable experiences. More importantly, I met some absolutely amazing individuals along the way.

Each and every one of you is responsible for changing me in some way or fashion. You’ve each left an imprint on me going forward, and I hope I’ve helped you along in some ways as well.

I hope more than just giving you hard workouts, I taught you something about living a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. I hope I led you to enjoy exercise and look forward to coming to the gym. My main target with training was to make individuals laugh and smile. I knew that if you laughed, you’d be more likely to come back for more later on in the week.

I never anticipated to leave the fitness field and dive headfirst into digital media. My passion for writing led me to continually wake up earlier and earlier to write while still servicing at least five and at most nine client sessions a day. At some points, I think the only thing that helped me make it through the day was the afternoon double or triple shot of espresso. Now, I’m sure that it wasn’t the coffee but rather the personalities I was fortunate enough to interact with on a daily basis.

We laughed. We fist-pumped on assessment days. You complained. I pressed you to go harder.

Every time I had a client tell me that they looked forward to coming to workout, I knew my job was a success, regardless of what the number on the scale or the pounds on the squat rack said.

It’s come time for me to follow a different path and passion. I’m jumping full-time into the blogging and writing field in Publisher Development at Federated Media. Although this isn’t a writing position, it allows me to combine my passion with networking and building meaningful relationships with my interest in helping others succeed. Hopefully, this career path will be just as rewarding as my time within personal training.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the time that we spent together. As much as I hope I helped to mold and change you, you changed me. I will never forget the unbelievable time I had with the amazing individuals both in Florida and in Colorado.

This isn’t farewell to fitness. I’m going to maintain my certifications and will look to train part-time. I’m always here for help and advice on life and working out. Thank you for all of your effort and perseverance.

Onward and upward.

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