Come Alive

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. —Howard Thurman (via) … [Read more]

Living a Meaningful Life

James Clear on living a meaningful life: There are people who make each day a work of art by the way they do their work. There are unsung teachers who shift the minds of children, garbage men who keep society running smoothly, grocery store clerks … [Read more]

iPhone Camera Evolution

A terrific breakdown of how the iPhone camera has evolved over time: Every time I do this comparison, I am amazed at how far the iPhone camera technology has come. It has transformed the way we capture and share memories. With each new phone, we can … [Read more]

Creativity and Memory

I loved Maria Popova's breakdown of why creative work hinges on memory here, particularly, this part about Mozart: Mozart, she notes, called this his “bag of memories” — a mental reservoir of experiences and impressions “accumulated during the … [Read more]

Reading List – Summer 2014

Awhile back, I made a commitment to read more books throughout the year. Many of the books I've read since making that commitment have formed the basis of articles that I've written. They are the prime source of inspiration for many ideas that I have … [Read more]

How to Become More Creative

This post was previously published on the Crew blog. How many uses can you think of for a paperclip in three minutes? If you’re average, you’ll probably be able to drum up 10 or perhaps 20 different uses. I came up with 11. The somewhat famous … [Read more]