Jeremey is a writer and Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the parent company behind WordPress.com, where he helps folks to publish awesome content.

In the past, he worked as a personal trainer, personal training manager, and frequent freelancer for a variety of fitness publications. He has been fortunate to have his work featured on websites including Greatist, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, Reps!, DailyBurn, Breaking Muscle, Runner’s World, Running Times, Competitor, and a few others. You can find a full list of his recent┬ápublications here. He’s currently interested in topics focused on the intersection of health, productivity, and technology including pieces in the quantified self arena.

Jeremey currently lives in Denver, CO with his fiancee, Charlotte, and their two dogs, Tucker and Ryley. He enjoys exploring the outdoors, pushing his limits in they gym, and enjoying one too many craft beers every once in awhile. You can contact him at jeremeylduvall-at-gmail.com.

Please note: he will not answer WordPress.com support requests through personal email.